SALAMEH Restaurant has been operating since 1984. Our rich heritage and history gives us a strong foundation. SALAMEH Restaurant takes pride on being a traditional Lebanese restaurant, serving delectable authentic Lebanese mezze with a typically warm Lebanese attitude in a comfortable setting and vintage décor. Visit us to enjoy our selection of Mezze, Main Courses and Desserts that take you through Lebanon’s traditions.

The Lebanese cuisine is famed for the numerous hors d’oeuvre dishes known as Mezze. SALAMEH focuses on a select variety of these items that reflect the fine, delicate tastes of lemon, olive oil, herbs and a hint of spice and garlic that are always a delight to the senses. The restaurant has much success with its ‘signature dishes’, flavors that you can experiment only at SALAMEH’s. Don't leave without trying our signature platters, especially the boneless charcoaled chicken!

Our vegetables and fruits are brought in fresh on a daily basis. And the ingredients used are of premium quality and best resources.

SALAMEH targets tourists and families that seek fine Lebanese cuisine and its multitude of flavours. Its tables seat a mix of sophisticated clients that want to enjoy fine Lebanese cuisine in an authentic Lebanese atmosphere. SALAMEH can easily serve over 800 people per day in its locations.

SALAMEH has transcended the image of the traditional Lebanese restaurant with its wood interiors, warm colours, stone walls, niches with shelves filled with antiques.

Although Lebanese restaurants are generally well known for their hospitality, SALAMEH has gone a step further in combining attentiveness with the anticipation of customer needs. It has also become known for its outside catering, especially during the festive periods of the year.

Our first objective is to create a supportive working environment, where all our staff are motivated, enthusiastic, and well-trained.